Customizable Submission Form

Submission form is the first step in the communication between the applicant and the organization administering the award. The default submission form will ask the candidate to provide their name, contact details, as well as their biography and a cover letter. However, in order to obtain a full overview of the candidate’s profile, it is important to customize each submission form, so it provides the answers to the crucial questions the review committee needs in order to form a decision. This is exactly what a well-organized and committed program administrator should look for in a program manager software - a fully customizable submission form. Once you find software with such functionality, it is useful to have in mind several useful tips for form construction.

Multiple Rounds of Review

Making decision can be difficult even in its simple, straightforward form. However, making impartial, savvy decisions based on remarkably insightful knowledge in the selected field of interest without the help of the field’s experts might prove impossible.

Open vs. Exclusive Awards

Award management process has come a long way. Imagine the whole submission collection process, evaluation and selection prior to the invention of computers, let alone before sophisticated computer programs. Transitioning from your own scribbles or excel sheets to a cleverly designed award management system might seem like a small step for an ordinary onlooker, but it surely is a giant leap for an award program manager.

Creating an Applicant-Friendly Online Submission Process

Awards, fellowships or grants come in all shapes and sizes. Whether their goal is to refer to merit of an eligible recipient on the basis of some achievement, or to provide support or stimulation enabling the recipient to accomplish a public purpose, the ultimate idea is to engage in action that shapes knowledge of world development.

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