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We help funding organizations manage their submission and evaluation processes so they can easily recognize the best candidates to make a positive change in the world.

Our tools enable you to create programs that match your requirements

Create programs that suit your needs

We give you the tools, you shape your program according to your vision. Build submission forms that reflect programs’ guiding principles. Form committees of appropriate experts. Write your own email notifications. Choose between ranking evaluation and scorecard evaluation, and create your own scorecards if needed.

Exclusive programs

Exclusive awards are characteristically restricted to a specific group of system users who are eligible for a particular award program. This specific award program is hidden from the notice board with all currently ongoing award programs accepting submissions.

Exclusive awards enable societies to create invite-only programs
Dedicated admin dashboard allows you to search filter and track submissions

Manage submissions

Let your administrators use dedicated admin dashboard to search, filter and track applications. Track individual reviewer’s progress. Transfer promising applications into the next year cycle. Decline or award applications.

Collect submissions

Utilize our form building tools to create dynamic online submission forms to capture the application information required by the program and validate it.

With form builder you can create a form that captures submission data according to your program guidelines
Applicants can pause the submission process and come back to it later

Facilitate submission

Make it easy for applicants to submit their applications with dedicated applicant dashboard. Applicants can see active programs with countdown till submission deadline, pause and continue their submission, track their submitted application and access previous applications.

Manage evaluation

Collect reviewer feedback via two modes of review: drag-n-drop ranking and customizable scorecard forms. Send applications through multiple rounds of review.

Your reviewers can drag and drop the submissions to rank them or fill a scorecard you have customized
Reviewers are grouped in committees

Expert panels

Form expert panels or committees. Use same committee on multiple programs. Encourage and capture discussions among expert panelists.

Facilitate evaluation

A dedicated reviewer dashboard gathers all application for review in one place, organized by programs. Reviewers can download, search, filter, and sort applications. They can track their own progress, pause and continue submission, and also access the work done previously.

Intuitive dashboard tailor-made for reviewers helps them evaluate applications
Automated notifications save time to administrators

Automated email notifications

Take care of routine notifications and save time for more valuable activities. Adapt notifications to the individual programs or use the same texts across multiple programs. Easily reuse notifications from previous programs.

Real-time statistics and reporting

Real time statistics helps you monitor your progress. Pre-configured reports present information on applications received and feedback collected. Custom reports built on request.

Status indicators and reports provide quick insight

Custom branding

Choose your site name and logo.


Grow your programs without limits. Awards and Grants accepts unlimited applications, through unlimited programs with unlimited committees. The price is based on the number of submissions.


You are the owner of the data. Feel confident that your data is stored securely on state-of-the-art Amazon Web Services servers, backed up both monthly and daily.


You are not alone. Our knowledge base and our support team are right there with you.

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Our awards site runs efficiently and is user friendly."

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Director of Strategic Programs

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